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What you need to know about Data Moshpit

Data Moshpit is the Metal themed Data Saturday taking place in September 2023. In a Metal Club (yes, you read right M e t a l  C l u b) in Berlin! There will be international speakers. There will be Data. There will be beer and good food. There will be a concert in the evening and of course there will be METAL!!! 🤘


There Microsoft Azure Data Platform is hugh. It is epic! This is reason enough to have an epic event that keeps up with the epicness of the Azure Data Platform. Data Moshpit is this event. Well known national and international speakers will give insights on the different aspects so that you can become the real master of records ;).


In the Microsoft Data Community Metal is a very popular kind of music. And so we decided to build a Data Saturday with this popular music as a theme. There will be Metal music, the event will be at a Metal Club and in the evening there will be a Metal concert. All for the Data Metalheads!


As Data Moshpit being an event from the community for the community this event is free for any participiant. The purpose is to learn about data, to hear some Metal and to have a lot of fun.

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