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Another Brick in the Firewall: How to Secure your Azure Data Platform

These days, most people want their Azure Data Platforms to be deployed in a secure a network topology. As Data Engineers, we are often the ones that have the make this happen. The cloud has made it easy for us to deploy a virtual network here and a private endpoint there, but what does a good, networked data platform actually look like, and how does it work? Simple things become complex: how will my ADF Integration Runtime talk to my data sources? How do I securely access my resources to do development?

In this session we will look at some of the core network components which can be used to secure your data platform; what they are, and how to use them effectively. We will also look at some of the decisions that need to be made when moving your data platform inside a private network, which weren’t a consideration previously. Some basic knowledge of what a virtual network is is required.

By the end of this session you should feel more confident in working with network components in Azure and how you can use them to secure your Data Platform.

Time: 18:45 – 19:35

Room: Main Stage

Session format: Progressive Metal (50 Minutes)

Session level: Touring Band (300)

Grace O'Halloran

Senior Data Engineering Consultant @ Advancing Analytics | DevUp Co-founder | Microsoft Certified Azure Developer & Administrator | She/Her

I am a senior Azure data engineering consultant with a passion for infrastructure, networking and security. I also co-founded DevUp, a social mobility initiative for removing barriers to technology.
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