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Blood bound - next-level access control

Unleash the thunderous might as we embark on a headbanging journey through the unrivaled access control in Power BI reports.
Does the Row Level Security feature fail to ignite the flames of your passion? Fear not!
We summon the full range of Power BI’s arsenal to craft a dynamic and harmonious symphony of accessibility.
Whether you use the developer’s drumsticks or rock along as a report viewer, prepare to be swept away by the relentless force that is access control.

Have you hungered for a sound more fierce than the Multiple Audience feature? Brace yourself as we tune the raw energy of the audience feature, fusing it with the power of Row Level Security.
Together, they forge an iron-clad bond that transforms your reports into a mosh pit of pinpointed access control. Get ready to unleash a cacophony of data-driven dominance.

Prepare to unleash your inner metal maestro as we dive into the depths of Power BI’s sonic realm.
Let the music of data protection and precision guide your journey to metallic symphonies.

Time: 17:25 – 18:15

Room: Main Stage

Session format: Progressive Metal (50 Minutes)

Session level: Touring Band (300)

Linda TorrĂ¥ng

Data Platform Engineer, DataMasterminds

With a diverse background in journalism and retail, Linda brings both business insight and attention to storytelling to the table as a data warehouse developer. Coupled with her passion for learning new tech and trying new things, she now has her eye set on evolving as a public speaker.
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