Code of Conduct

All responsible persons of Data Moshpit stand up for and share the responsibility that our event can be held in a pleasant, constructive and productive atmosphere. This applies whether virtually on the net or personally “face to face” and for all participants, whether paying or not and regardless of the function as speakers, staff of sponsors and exhibitors, students and volunteers. It is important to us that no one feels excluded from our event because of origin, gender, age, social background, religion, sexual orientation or identity, or physical or mental ability and physical appearance. However, anyone who approaches us with ideas of racism, exclusion, and related structural and physical violence has abandoned dialogue and is beyond the boundary of acceptance.

Our shared goal is to include the greatest number of contributors from the most diverse and varied backgrounds possible, and we urge everyone involved in our events to help shape the events as safe and positive experiences for all.

Here’s how you should behave

In order to achieve our goals of a vibrant, friendly, and open community, we must all collectively follow some seemingly obvious rules. This of course applies in the virtual space as well as face to face:

Participate actively in events and contribute to our community in this way.
Be considerate in word and deed, treating all other participants in our events with respect.
Make an effort to work with other participants to defuse potential conflicts as early as possible.
Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing language and behavior.
Help others when they need help, so make our events a positive experience for everyone.

This is not how you should behave

It is unacceptable to us as a community if participants, speakers, helpers, or others directly or indirectly involved intimidate, harass, or use abusive or discriminatory language or behavior. This applies online, at all events, and in all conversations within our community. We also do not tolerate the deliberate spreading of misinformation or discriminatory speech.

If you experience unacceptable behavior

If you are affected by or observe unacceptable behavior, please do not be afraid to address the situation. We all need to learn to be more sensitive to the needs of those around us and to understand when we are consciously or unconsciously crossing boundaries.

As an observer, don’t be afraid to actively ask if a person may need support.
If you feel excluded and are in a position to do so, point out the exclusion. Often enough this still happens unconsciously or unintentionally. Also feel free to ask bystanders for support.
In any of these cases, or if you have another concern, there is always the option of bringing it to the attention of one of the people responsible for the event or contacting someone else who has an active role in the event (organizers, helpers). If you still feel that there is not enough support there, we ask that you send feedback to or talk to someone from the organizers or helpers at the event.

If you have a role at event and become aware of an incident, please take it seriously and communicate it to the people responsible for the event. When at the event, make sure the person who reported misconduct to you or is affected by it feels safe at our event, if possible, and help resolve the issue. It is important that you always remember that you are also the face of Data Moshpit here and are instrumental in making our event a complete success for everyone. However, we realize that all of us in our community work on a volunteer basis and are not trained to always display the optimal behavior in conflict situations. What we expect is not always a solution, but at least an action. This can also consist of asking someone else from the organizers or helpers.

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