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How things go wrong and inspire Battle Hymns

We have all run into situations or systems where decisions were made that caused great pain further down the line.
“We will deal with performance once we launch”
“Best practices are just suggestions from people who don’t know our industry”
“We don’t have time for ‘real security’, sysadmin will do for now”
I see these scenarios over and over again and believe that sharing the pain will allow people to identify and (hopefully) stop such arguments from taking hold.
This session will go over a few of the recent “interesting” scenarios we’ve encountered and how we approached stopping them being implemented, or how we fixed the problem after the fact.
You will leave with a set of battle hymns that seem familiar, but also with some ammunition and strategies to avoid those common pitfalls in the future.

Time: 11:20 – 12:10

Room: Main Stage

Session format: Progressive Metal (50 Minutes)

Session level: Touring Band (300)

William Durkin

Data Masterminds

William Durkin is Co-Founder and Data Architect at Data Masterminds. He uses his 18+ years of experience with SQL Server to help multinational corporations achieve their data management goals. Born in the UK and now based in Germany, William has worked as a Database Developer and DBA on projects ranging from single server installations, up to environments spanning 5 continents using a range of high availability solutions. William is a regular speaker at conferences around the globe and is the organizer of the popular DataGrillen, New Stars of Data, Dativerse, and DataMinutes events.
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