Microsoft Fabric – The service that provides Justice for All

Microsoft Fabric – The service that provides Justice for All

Microsoft Fabric is a new service that was announced during Microsoft Build 2023. Which caused more excitement than the time some guy called Eddie played “Master of Puppets” on TV.
In this session I will cover what Microsoft Fabric is to fuel your enthusiasm and explain how it provides justice for all experiences. In addition, I cover other elements such as OneLake.
By the end of the session, you have an overview of what Microsoft Fabric has to offer. So that you can decide for yourselves if nothing else matters.

Time: 14:55 – 15:35

Room: Main Stage

Session format: Progressive Metal (50 Minutes)

Session level: Debut Album (200)

Kevin Chant

Manager, data Engineering

Manager, Data Engineering for Avanade Netherlands. Originally from the UK and now living in the Netherlands. Dual-category Microsoft MVP for both Data Platform and Developer Technologies.

Many years experience in the IT sector, and has supported databases for companies in the top 10 of the fortune 500 list.

In addition to a lot of experience with the Microsoft Data Platform, also has over twenty Microsoft Certifications. Plus, was probably the last ever person in the world to gain the MCSD Azure Architect certification.

Real life experience with Microsoft Data Platform and Azure Devops. Previously SQL Server Product Owner of around 1,900 instances. In addition, done various things for the Data Platform Community. With the last being one of the organizers of the online DataWeekender conference.

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