Microsoft Fabric : Top tips for Metalheads

Microsoft Fabric : Top tips for Metalheads

Raise your horns and march with us on a brutal journey to go from Rookie to Metal warrior, dominating the main stage and conquering the data revolution with Microsoft Fabric. Our top tips will empower you to unleash deadly riffs of insights, survive the relentless Wall of Data, and create a moshpit of data fury.

Time: 17:00 – 17:20

Room: Main Stage

Session format: Trash Metal (20 Minutes)

Session level: Debut Album (200)

Gabi Münster

Senior Program Manager / PBICAT

Gabi Münster (she / her) started working with SQL Server technologies in 2005. After some short excursions into Web Application development and a long and inspiring time as a BI consultant / Data architect at oh22data AG (including experiencing being a Data Platform MVP), she joined Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager at the Power BI CAT team in March 2022.
She speaks at regional chapter meetings, national and international conferences. Since 2016 she also supports a regional chapter as co-lead.
Apart from BI topics she also supports Diversity topics.

Roman Singele

Power BI Technical Specialist at Microsoft

Roman is a dedicated professional with a passion for enabling data-driven decision-making, with a particular focus on reporting using Power BI. Throughout his career, he has successfully executed a variety of business intelligence projects, including gathering user requirements, designing data models, implementing data warehousing solutions, and creating insightful reports.

Currently serving as a Technical Specialist at Microsoft in Switzerland, he is committed to empowering users to unlock the full potential of their data with Power BI and Fabric.

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