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Wollt ihr das DB in Flammen sehen? Monitor your SQL DB with Zabbix

Do you have important databases you need to monitor? Or do you have a number of test databases you want to monitor without breaking the bank?

Let me help you.

Zabbix is a free, open source tool mainly used for monitoring infrastructure (servers, networks etc). Most infra-admins know the tool and chances are they’re using it in your organisation. But when you look at the documentation, it doesn’t say much about monitoring databases. Yet the tool can do this without much additional configuration or plug-ins.

In this session I’ll take along on my journey from using Zabbix as an infra monitoring tool to a SQL monitoring tool. We’ll start with the basics of monitoring and what to monitor. After that we’ll dive a bit deeper and add a specific monitoring for SQL Server Wait Statistics. This concept can be applied to many, if not all, other areas of intere

Check out this session and you’ll walk away with some news for your infrastructure friends in your organisation. And because we all love automation I’ll provide you with some scripts that make it much easier for you to start building your own specific monitoring.

Time: 18:45 – 19:35

Room: Backstage

Session format: Progressive Metal (50 Minutes)

Session level: Garage Band (100)

Reitse Eskens

Data Platform Consultant at Axians Business Analytics

Reitse began his computer days with GW Basic and quickly followed with Windows 3.11. After that many computers followed and, interrupted by human resource and psychology studies, he got into the IT work field around 2007. There he met Oracle 9. With a command line from 1980. At his current job he met SQL Server. And loved it. Now he’s working with SQL 2008 to SQL 2019 on-premises and a number of Azure SQL Databases, supporting customers and tuning databases. New projects focus more on the Azure data platform as an architect, security advisor and data engineer.
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